Subcutaneous Injection

The subcutaneous injection is an injection of a solution immediately beneath the skin. It is an efficient route of administering many medications, among them insulin and HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). It is also referred to as a SC, SQ or subQ injection. It is recommended that you be given the injection the same time every day to maintain the HCG level.


Do not inject into an area where there is pain or tenderness. Do not inject in same place with every injection.


Carefully remove the injection supplies that have been provided by the pharmacy. Place the HCG vial and injection supplies on a clean dry surface. This should include the HCG vial, alcohol prep pads and syringe. Wash hands and the area to be injected well and dry with a clean dry cloth. Use the alcohol prep pad to clean the rubber top of the vial very well. Remove the needle cap. Pull the plunger back so there is a small amount of air in the chamber. Hold the vial in one hand, and carefully push needle into rubber top with the other hand. Turn vial upside down and push the air into the vial. Then, pull the plunger back until the correct amount of solution is in the syringe. (the physician will recommend a good dose for you). Remove the needle from the vial. Be sure to keep the needle away from any non-sterile surface.

Open the second alcohol prep pad, and vigorously clean the area of the body to be injected. Hold the syringe with your dominant hand and pinch the loose skin where you want to inject with the non-dominate hand. Carefully thrust the syringe with the needle into the pinched skin then inject the solution slowly.

Remove needle and discard the syringe safely into a sharps container.

Post Procedure

It is extremely uncommon to experience anything more than mild tenderness at the site of injection

immediately after the procedure, if the instructions were followed closely. Pressure with sterile gauze

should eliminate any oozing. If the site is more than just tender to touch, apply an ice pack to the area for

10-15 minutes.

Do Not Shake: You may roll the vial gently back and forth between your hands.