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We have designed this program to replace the bacteriostatic water used for mixing with the cyanocobalamin. This way you have everything you need all in one injection! The 56 day program is prescribed for 28 days on, at least a 30 day maintenance break and then another 28 days off. This program is designed for those who need to lose a substantial amount of weight.

The HCG you are being prescribed is made in the United States by a fully licensed compounding pharmacy that meets and exceeds the highest standards. You must qualify medically for this medication.

HCG Injection basics

The hormone that is in HCG injections is called “human chorionic gonadotropin”. This hormone is naturally produced when a woman is pregnant and developing an embryo after conception. However, many doctors prescribe HCG injections to lose weight. The HCG diet has been shown to work for thousands of people worldwide and is a trusted way for some people to lose weight.

HCG Injections Today

The modern HCG injection was actually used for weight loss by the famous British doctor, Albert T. W. Simeons. He advocated an ultra-low calorie diet in addition to the HCG shot so that men and women could lose weight consistently. His trials were so successful that he continued to test the hormone for weight loss until he was able to ascertain that they may have been the cause of the weight loss.

Theory of HCG Injections

The theory is to use the prescription HCG injection to program the hypothalamus and trick the body into increasing the metabolism and losing weight quicker. This well-known reaction is the source of all the HCG power.