How does this work?


Nationwide Telemedicine, LLC is a telemedicine company based in the United States that specializes in weight loss and anti-aging supplements. Our goal is to provide you with an enhanced experience right at your fingertips at an affordable price. Planning your day around your doctor can get exhausting. Let us work around YOUR schedule to get you the treatment and information you need in a timely manner! We save you multiple steps and headaches by completing the entire process for you!


First: Choose your Medication
Select the medication that you are interested in receiving a prescription for. You will have the ability to view pricing as well as a thorough description of the medication desired.


 Second: Fill out your Personal and Medical Information Form:
Please make sure that you double check to make sure all the information is correct before you click submit at the end of the medical form.


Third: The physician will contact you
Fill out your billing and shipping address, choose your shipping preference and then input your payment information. Your payment type will not be processed until after the physician speaks to you. If the physician approves your prescription, your credit card will be charged for the full amount that is shown on the medication description page.

If Approved…

If Approved for the medication you are requesting, your credit card or echeck will be charged and your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy for fulfillment. The licensed pharmacy will ship your prescription medication straight to your home via the shipping option you have chosen.

Please Note:

Make sure that you have the correct phone number and email for the physician to contact you. The physician’s assistant will contact you within 24 hours of submitting your medical form to set an appointment time with the physician. During the consult, the physician will review your medical history with you and will let you know at that time if you are approved for the requested medication. Your prescription will not be sent to the pharmacy until the physician has completed the consultation. Please let us know if there is any time of the day that you won’t be available in the notes section
of the medical form. Most of our patient’s receive their medication within 5-7 days of physician approval. With Nationwide Telemedicine, you are paying for the entire service.
We do all the leg work for you. You may request to have your prescription filled at a compounding pharmacy of your choice.